2524 System Board

System Board, Bottom FRU 39H6894


Blk Black Screws
CN8 Digitizer Cable Connector 
CN16 LCD Cable Connector
CN600 Battery 1 connector
CN601 Battery 2 connector
D15 Power On indicator
D13 Battery 2 status
D12 Battery 1 status
D14 PCMCIA status indicator
Cut Out Hole for LCD Power Connector 
F1 2.5A fuse
F2 1A fuse
F3,4 2A fuse
F5  5A fuse
Spk Speaker
U1 Opti 82C463
U18,19 Hitachi 51S4260ALTT7R
U21 WDC WD90C24A2-ZZ
U25 Dallas DS12885S
U30 Cirrus CL-PD6710-VC-B
U33 NS PC87312VF
U35 WACOM W6003F
U51,52  NEC D65626GC097
U59 Maxim MAX211CAI
X1 32K5JS xtal (32kHz?)
Y1 16000 (16 MHz?)
Y2 5000 (5 MHz?)
Y5 32K5JS (32kHz?)
Yellow Yellow screws
Note- The yellow screws hold the PCMCIA socket frames to the board. Do not remove them.

System Board, Top

BT1 Backup Battery 2016 Lithium
CN1,2 CPU board connectors
CN3 Memory board connector
CN5A,6A Dual slot PCMCIA sockets
CN12 Port Replicator connector 
CN602 Sub Battery Connector
CN603 Inverter card connector
J600 DC power receptacle
JP1 solder pads for 2 pin header
JP2 Password Erase header
F1,2 5A fuse
PTC Heat sensor?
SW1 On/Off
U24 Dallas DS1267S-010
U29 Cirrus CL-PD6720-QC-B
U46 NEC D78052GC3B9
X2 14.318 MHz xtal

Open Case


  Remove the two plugs and the screws underneath.
  Remove the batteries and the three screws below them.


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