8560 / 8565 SX
rf5060a.exe  8550/8560 reference diskette v1.08
rf5565a.exe 8555/8565 reference disk
187-050 IBM Personal System/2 Model 60 (8560-041 and 8560-071)
190-052 IBM Personal System/2 Model 65 SX (8565-061 and 8565-121)
606580up.exe Mod 8560/65/80 system board upgrd refdsk  

8560-041 1MB  44MB ST506 ST506 Adapter/A 
8560-071 1MB  70MB ESDI   ESDI Adapter/A 


F1 5MF 3A 250v
J1 Floppy connector
J2 Keyboard
J3 Planar power connector
J4 Mouse
J6 Parallel
J7 DB25 Serial
J9 HDD15
J10 72X8287ESD
J14 Speaker/Battery assembly conn
J18, 19 22, 24, 28-30 16 bit MCA
J21 16 bit AVE
J25 72X7377ESD
OS1 1.8432 MHz osc
OS2 28.322 MHz osc
OS3 25.1?5 MHz osc
OS4 32.0 MHz osc
Q1 Motorola voltage regulator
Y1 32.768kHz xtal
Y2 14.31818 MHz osc
Y3 40.0 MHz
ZM5 D448G -15L
ZM6 MC146818A RTC
ZM15 intel P8742AH
ZM33 NEC D765AC floppy controller
ZM40 72X8299 image wrong - not ZM35
ZM36,37,41,42,51,52,59,60 TMS 4464FML
ZM43-46 30 pin SIMMs
ZM55 , 56 N8259A-2
ZM61 NS16550V
ZM70 72X7385
ZM87 Inmos IMSG171S-35
ZM101 90X6816
ZM111 90X6817
ZM116 90X6815
ZM118 90X6818
ZM128 286-10 cpu
ZM134 287 math coprocessor


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