C-Net 650E/2
@50CD.ADF - C-NET 650E/2 Network Adapter

From Compu-Net? Tell ME about it!

Apologies for the poor image. I had the outline done on my NT4 machine, and the email didn't make it. Curse these modern machines without floppy drives.

BNC1 BNC port
D1 Green LED
D2 Yellow LED
J1 RJ45
LP1 Lamp 1? Upper left of BNC1
U1, U3 RAM UT62645C-70
U2, U4 Outlines for alternate RAM
U5 Socket for Boot Rom
U7 Realtek RTL8008B
U9 Group-Tek BTF-22
U10 All-in-One Ethernet Coax TC3095
Y1 20.000 MHz xtal

Original image from J. W. Roelfsema

This card is probably an NE/2 clone. Clone means that for all intents and purposes, it is addressed the same and it performs the same.

Chip dates are from 1995. Realtek still exists.
BTF-22 Ethernet 1:1 transformer
TC3095 Tamarack Microelectronics Inc Ethernet Coaxial Transceiver Interface (?)
   TC3092J / TC3095  (V2.6) Ethernet Coaxial Transceiver / Module

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