Installing AIX for N40

Pre-Installation Checklist
AIX for N40 CD
External SCSI CD
HDI-30 to 50 pin SCSI
AC Adapter
Installing AIX for N40
  From CT
1.  Connect all the stuff.
2. Put Installation CD in the drive and turn the drive power on.
3. Hit the N40 ON switch and immediately hit Pause then K (if you
did this right, a black bar will appear just to the left of the error
codes in the readout).......if it doesn't, you have to start again.
4. A language-select window will appear > 1 > ENTER
5. The same window will reappear > 99 > ENTER
6. Main Menu window > press 7 (change soft-keyswitch setting) > ENTER
7. Soft-keyswitch window > 3 (SERVICE) > ENTER
8. Soft-keyswith window returns > 99 > ENTER
9. Main Menu window (again) > 10 (BOOT) > ENTER

Watch the activity light on the CDROM....if it starts blinking
rapidly, you are home free (you lucky bastard):-)

In about 1 minute you will get black screen with green letters telling
you to define the System Console......

Follow the menu (I just did this while typing this answer so I know
it works)