National Instruments MC-GPIB

@5333.ADF - National Instruments MC-GPIB IEEE-488 IF 
320738.pdf   MC-GPIB and the NI-488.2 Software for DOS 
320739.pdf   MC-GPIB and the NI-488.2 Software for Windows (3.1x)
/320608.pdf   MC-GPIB and NI-488.2M for OS/2 

J1 C24 GPIB port
J2-4 Pads for 5 pin headers
U6 NI 700454-01 Turbo488
U8 VLSI VGT8001-4057
U32 20.0000 NHz osc
W1 Jumper
 Card from Charles Lasitter (already have one, but...)
U8 is also marked NI NAT4882BPL

The NAT4882 controller chip is fully compatible with the IEEE 488.2 standard. The Turbo488 performance-enhancing ASIC boosts GPIB read
and write transfers to rates exceeding 1 Mbytes/s.

Setting the Shield Ground Configuration Jumper W1
The MC-GPIB board is set at the factory with the jumper in place to connect the logic ground of the MC-GPIB board to its shield ground. This  onfiguration minimizes EMI emissions.

If you are installing one MC-GPIB board, the software assigns it as gpib0. If you are installing more than one board, the board in the lowest-numbered slot is gpib0, the board in the next lowest-numbered slot is gpib1, and so on.

Characteristic Specification
Maximum GPIB Transfer Rates (DOS)
Reads 800 kbytes/s
Writes 1.1 Mbytes/s
Power Requirement +5 VDC 1.0 A Typ  1.6 A Max 

AdapterId 5333 National Instruments MC-GPIB IEEE-488 Interface

I/O Base Address for MC-GPIB
     <"IOBASE 0E00" (0e00-00fff)>, 1E00 (1e00-01fff), 2E00 (2e00-02fff), 3E00 (3e00-03fff), 4E00 (4e00-04fff), 5E00 (5e00-05fff), 6E00 (6e00-06fff), 7E00 (7e00-07fff), 8E00 (8e00-08fff), 9E00 (9e00-09fff), AE00 (ae00-0afff),BE00 (be00-0bfff), CE00 (ce00-0cfff), DE00 (de00-0dfff), EE00 (ee00-0efff), FE00 (fe00-0ffff)

Interrupt Level for MC-GPIB
        <"Int_3">, 5, 10, 11, 15, Not Used

Arbitration Level for MC-GPIB
        <"Level_0">, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, No DMA

Fairness On/Off
   This controls whether the adapter will release control of the bus when it has been using it exclusively.
         <"On">, Off

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