System Programs

The system programs are a set of utility programs you can use to interact with the server to perform such tasks as working with the configuration, setting passwords, changing the date and time, and testing the server. The system programs are shipped with the system on two diskettes called the Reference Diskette and the Diagnostic Diskette. Also, shipped with the system are diskette images of the system programs and several utility programs on the ServerGuide CD. 

In addition, non-array systems are shipped with the system programs already installed in a protected area of the hard disk called the System Partition.  The System Partition is protected against operating-system read, write, and format operations to guard against accidental erasure or modification. Disk-array systems do not have a System Partition. 

The Main Menu
Reference and Diagnostic Diskettes
Starting the Reference Diskette
Starting the System Programs from the Hard Disk
        Backing Up and Restoring the System Partition
        Updating the System Partition
        Updates to the System Programs
Device Drivers
        Configuration Settings
        Configuration Errors
        Working with the Configuration Information
           Starting the Set Configuration Program
           Viewing the Configuration
           Changing the Configuration
           Bypassing the System Programs
           Backing Up the Configuration
           Restoring the Configuration
           Running Automatic Configuration
        Setting and Viewing SCSI Device Configuration
           Removing a SCSI Device
       Enabling the Presence Error Reporting Feature
       Disabling the Presence Error Reporting Feature
           Displaying the Memory Map
           Recording Changes
Configuring the Parallel Ports
        Parallel-Port Compatibility Mode
        Assigning Parallel Ports
        Viewing Parallel-Port Assignments
        Changing Parallel-Port Assignments
Configuring the Serial Ports
        Assigning Serial Ports
        Viewing Serial-Port Assignments
        Changing Serial-Port Assignments
Selectable Drive-Startup Sequence
Power-On Features
        Setting the Power-on Password
        Changing the Power-on Password
        Removing the Power-on Password
        Setting an Administrator Password
        Changing an Administrator Password
        Removing an Administrator Password
        Unauthorized-Access Monitor
        Fast Startup Mode
        Setting Other Power-On Features
        Turning Off the System
        Set Console
Stand-Alone Utility Programs
Testing the Server

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