8570 Type 1 Planar
rf7080a.exe  PS/2 Model 70 386 -- version 1.12 (Same as Type 2 boards) 

8570 Type 1 Planar
CR1 LM340T 7805
J1 16-bit AVE slot
J2, J3 32-bit slot
J9 HDD-15 video
J10 DB25 serial
J11 Parallel
J12 Mouse
J13 Keyboard
J19 Spkr/Battery riser
J30-J32 72 pin SIMM socket
J34 Bus riser
J36 Power connector edgecard
LN1-LN4 ???
U2 Inmos IMSG171P-35 RAMDAC
U12 NS16550AV UART
U13 N8042AH
U14, U34 Video RAM
U15 15F6864
U17 28.3220 MHz osc
U18 25.1750 MHz osc
U31 1.84320 MHz osc
U35, U36 N8259A-2
U85 14.3181 MHz osc
U88 72X8299
U89 NEC D72065L Floppy controller
U128 90X8134ESD
U143 386DX 
U145 NEC D446G-20L
U148 387DX
U150 Motorola MC146818A RTC plus RAM
U159 32.0000 MHz osc
U164 32.0000 MHz osc
U169 15F8303
U170 15F8302
Y1 32.768KHz xtal
8570 Type 1 Questions
Who is in charge here? You are number three. Who is number one? >laughter<

If you don't get the Iron Maiden tune, then try the following trivia. Send answers to ME!

Why are there two 32MHz oscillators? One for bus speed and cpu clock? Which one does what?

Why are there two N8259A-2?
From David Beem
    Each handles 8 hardware interupt lines. The first does IRQ 0 through IRQ 7, the second IRQ 8 through IRQ 15 (which are cascaded into the IRQ 2 line of the first).

What are those damnable inductor networks for? (LNx)
Where does the floppy controller get it's clock from? 82077 use a 24MHz osc...

U150 Motorola MC146818A RTC plus RAM 
    The only RAM this chip has on it is the 64-bytes of CMOS memory. The other MCA configuration information is in the U145 NEC D446G-20L chip (U79 Hitachi HM6264LFP-15T on the Type 2 planar). Thanks, David!

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