Kingston 486 Now!

486NOW.EXE  PS/2 486/Now! disk w/drivers
COP487.SYS   Divide by zero error fix for 486/NOW!

SW1 Settings
   This covers the 486/Py3(-P70(LP)) series of 486 Now! upgrades.
xx- either 25 or 33 y=D (DX) or S (SX) LP is Low Profile
So a 486/33PD3 is a 486DX-33 upgrade, a 486/33PD3-P70 is a 486DX-33 upgrade for the P70 (old style planar)

Kingston 486/Now

   The upgrade board is the same for DX and SX variants. The 486/33P(D/S)3-P70 is for the old style 8570-061 with the CPU socket below the expansion slots. The 486/33P(D/S)3-P70LP is for the newer 16 and 20MHz 8573-031/121 and the Japanese 5530. 
   WARNING! Dr Jim sez: "Note that I have also seen the 20 MHz -061 planar used in the -121 model.  It is important that you get the right model for your planar, as the orientation of the CPU socket is different and the upgrade will not physically fit if it is not the correct one".

Carlyle Smith pops up out of lurk mode and sez
   BTW, your 486NOW! board _needs_ a heatsink on the CPU. Otherwise, system hangs after a while. I had to modify the drive shelf  (on a Model 70) by cutting out plastic to allow the aluminum fins to project up. 

   The P70 is the same as the base 486/P(D/S)3 units, but it has an extended PGA socket (about a quarter inch) to clear components on the P70 planar.
   The P70LP (Low Profile?) has Pin 1 moved towards the inside of the upgrade so it fits under the expansion slots.

SW1 Settings
Model                     1    2    3    4
8570 16 Long, 20 short   Off  On   On
8570 16 short            On   On   Off
8570 25 Long             On   On   On
5530  25MHz              On   On   On
8573 -031, 061, 121      Off  On   Off
8580 16 and 20 MHz       Off  Off  On
8580 25 MHz              On   Off  On
All Models Fast Post On                 On
           Fast Post Off                Off

If a 8603 mouse error or an XGA display problem occurs, turn 4 Off.

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