Updated 14 Dec 2006
@8FA0.ADF - IBM LANStreamer MC 32 Adapter 
TRMLS323.EXE Diagnostics/Option Diskette (1.44M diskette format)
TRMLS321.EXE  Drivers v3.0 (Old stuff)
TRPALS4.EXE WfW/95/NT NDIS3 Drivers For Streamer Family.

bk8w6000  Token-Ring Network LANStreamer Adapters HERE
WWDU.BIN LanStreamer SCO Unix drivers for ALS, LS, and Etherstreamers
WWDU.TXT LanStreamer SCO Unix Readme

IBM LANStreamer MC 32 Adapter
   Lan Streamer Error FRU 92F8941
W95 Configurable Settings
LanStreamer Not Seen Under NT4
ADF Sections

IBM LANStreamer MC 32 Adapter FRU 74G0098 or 92F8941
D1-4 Impedance matching
P2 RJ45 port
P3 DB9 port
U13 CXK5971AP-35
U14 BIOS 74G0107  or 60G0661
U16 63G9811 or 50G8196
U17 50G8180ESD
U18 NS 93F2932
Y1 40.00000 MHz osc
Y2 32.0000 MHz osc
Blue numbers are for the FRU 92F8941

IBM Lan Streamer Error FRU 92F8941
Q131351  data integrity problems with L-S card FRU 92F8941
   A data integrity problem was identified with the first release of the Lan Streamer card. Hooks were added to the Lan Streamer driver to minimize the problem. This event log message is logged for the benefit of IBM  development to identify that the adapter has the data integrity problem. 
  The affected Lan Streamers are 92F8941. The BIOS chips and U16 are different from the later 74G0098.

W95 Configurable Settings
Lacuna planar in a 77s 
Enable Hardware Loopback
Enable High Priority Xmit
Enable Xmit at End of Frame In(?)
FIFO Threshold
High Priority Xmit Threshold
Max High Priority Xmit Access
Maximum Xmit Frame Size
Maximum Transmits
MCA Bus Type
-1,000 to 1,000 
(over 2,000 each direction)
Card ID
MCA Slot Location
Minimum Adapter Rcv Buffers
Network Address
Blank-accepts any value
Recieve Buffer Size

Lanstreamer Not Seen under NT 4.0
>Fighting with the Lanstreamer32 under NT. I'm going back in with the latest drivers. I have it at SP2 now. 

   Lalali lalala .. its a "no go" unless you have SP3 or the revised NDIS.SYS (122.224 bytes) from Micro$haft. There is a document from IBM - RMIE-3ACDGC "Servers - Streamers not working under Windows NT v4.0", which references Q156324 "MCAFINDBUS fails to enumerate net cards / Device Manager Message with MCA Network Adapter" (NT looked at MCA slots starting with 0, not 1) 

   Non-MCA buses are not affected by this problem. The following MCA network adapters are known to be affected: 3Com 3C527 Etherlink MC/32, IBM Streamer adapters, Cabletron F30xx FDDI, NCR Starlan TR, NCR Wavelan and SysKonnect FDDI 

   The M$ Knowlegde Base has the Articles Q157815 "Service Control Manager Event 7003 and 7024 (2105)" / Netbios Interface missing (install or bind Netbios),

   The Ndis.sys device driver in Service Pack 2 fails to detect any network cards installed in MCA slots 8 or higher. Network cards installed in slots 1 through 7 are detected by Windows NT and function normally. 

Failure to Obtain IP Address Via DHCP on Token Ring w/ SP2 Q163383
   When you run Windows NT version 4.0, with Service Pack 2 applied, in a source routed Token Ring environment and configured as a DHCP client, you may receive the following message when you start:  The DHCP client could not obtain an IP address.  If you want to see DHCP messages in the future, choose YES, otherwise choose NO. 

Fix Change the ArpAlwaysSourceRoute value to 1. If this value is not present, click on Edit, Add Value, and enter the following settings: Value Type: REG_DWORD - Boolean Valid Range: 0,1 (False or True) Default: 0 (False) 

Slot 8 Incompatability in 8595 and  9595 
A 00017100 (171) error occurs on POST (Power-On System Test). This problem may occur on 8595/9595 models xLx or xHx systems during the installation of any of the following adapters in micro channel slot 8: 
- IBM LANStreamer MC 32 / 16 
- IBM EtherStreamer MC 32 
- IBM Auto / Dual LANStreamer MC 32 
- IBM Dual EtherStreamer MC 32 
Fix (Pretty wild, eh?) 
Do not install any of the affected adapters in slot 8. Relocate any of the affected adapters to one of the other microchannel slots. 

AdapterId 8FA0 IBM LANStreamer MC 32 Adapter

Adapter Data Rate
   This adapter can operate at either 4 Mbps or 16 Mbps. The adapter data rate MUST be set to the rate of the Token-Ring LAN segment to which the adapter is connected.
  <"16 Mbps">, 4 Mbps

Adapter Media Type Selection
   This adapter supports two media types,  STP and UTP. The media type selected MUST be cable connected to the token ring. If not the adapter will exhibit a LOBE MEDIA FAILURE.
  <"STP">, UTP

Adapter I/O address Range
   The I/O address field is a six bit field that selects the I/O address of the adapter. For MC I/O cycles, this dapter is selected when the MC I/O address is within a 256 byte region. For systems with more than one LS32, each must be assigned a separate I/O address range.
  <"1C00-1CFF (io 1C00-1CFF)>, 2000-20FF, 2400-24FF, 2800-28FF, 2C00-2CFF, 3000-30FF, 3400-34FF, 3800-38FF, 3C00-3CFF, 4000-40FF, 4400-44FF, 4800-48FF, 4C00-4CFF, 5000-50FF, 5400-54FF, 5800-58FF, 5C00-5CFF, 6000-60FF, FC00-FCFF

Interrupt Level
   This adapter can use interrupt level:  2, 3, 10 or 11. IRQ3 is prefered.
  <"Interrupt  3">, 2, 10, 11

Fairness/Streaming Data Select
   This adapter can operate with or w/o arbitration fairness and with or w/o Data Streaming. 
  <"Fairness ON/Streaming ON">, Fairness ON/Streaming OFF, Fairness OFF/Streaming ON, Fairness OFF/Streaming OFF

Arbitration Level
   This adapter can operate on one of thirteen arbitration levels: 1, 2, 3 or 5 thru E. If more than one LS32 is in your computer, each must be assigned a separate arbitration level.
  <"Level 1">, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, A, B, C, D, E

Remote Program Load Address Range
   The adapter Remote Program Load (RPL) ROM is relocatable within Micro Channel memory space. The adapter RPL ROM from hex 000C 000 to 000D C000.
  <"Disabled" >, C000-C3FF, C400-C7FF, C800-CBFF, CC00-CFFF, D000-D3FF, D400-D7FF, D800-DBFF, DC00-DFFF

Parity Enable/Monitor Feedback
   This adapter provides the capability of generating and checking data and address parity, plus it can monitor slave device's Selected Feedback Return Exception signals during DMA operations.
  <"Parity OFF/Monitor OFF">, Parity ON/Monitor OFF, Parity OFF/Monitor ON , Parity ON/Monitor ON

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