RS/6000 FDDI 2-R
8EFM FDDI-Fiber Single Ring Adapter Type 2-R FC2724 FRU 93F0377
@8EF4.ADF IBM FDDI Base Adapter
ADF Sections

IBM FDDI Base Adapter

HY1 HP QFBR 5142
Osc1 75.0000MHz osc
U8 Cypress CY7C194-35SC
U14 81F8516ESD
U18 AMD AM7984AJC/20
U19 AMD AM7985AJC/10
U28 AMD 93F0349
U29 AMD 33G5065
U30 TI TMS320P25FNL 58G7414
U31 92F5410ESD
  On the back of the card there are 16 of the Cypress CY7C194-35SC memory chips.

ADF Sections AdapterID 8EF4h "IBM FDDI Base Adapter"

Fairness On/Off
   Bus Arbitration Fairness controls whether the adapter will release control of the bus when it has been using it exclusively
    <"On">, Of

Arbitration Level
   This selects the DMA channel the adapter will use to transfer data.
    <"Level 14">, 13, 12, 11, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 3, 2, 1, 0

I/O Address
   I/O Address allows you to choose the I/O address for the adapter Each adapter must have a unique address range.
    <"7140-714F">, 7150-715F, 7540-754F, 7550-755F, 7940-794F, 7950-795F, 7D40-7D4F, 7D50-7D5F

RAM Address Range
   RAM Address Range is 8 possible blocks of memory that can be assigned for accessing the RAM located on this FDDI adapter.
    <"C0000-C01FF">, C4000-C41FF, C8000-C81FF, CC000-CC1FF, D0000-D01FF, D4000-D41FF, D8000-D81FF, DC000-DC1FF

Interrupt Level
   This allows you to choose the interrupt level the adapter will use
    <"Interrupt 10">, 14, 15, 9

Extender Location
   An IBM FDDI Extender adapter may be present in one of the adjacent slots even though the 'View Configuration' or  'Change Configuration' window indicates that the slot is 'Empty'.
  To determine if an IBM FDDI Extender adapter is present in an adjacent slot, run the adapter's diagnostics or visually check the adjacent slots.
   <"Press F1=Help">