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@5150.adf  ChipChat Sound Card  Latest device drivers for DOS, Win (3.1, 95, NT), OS/2. Setup program 
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ChipChat Base Card
ChipChat Wavetable Card (late version?)
ADF Hack - INT7 to INT5 
Generic Setup Values
ADF Section 

ChipChat Base Card
J1,2 1/8" jack to Ultimedia?
P1 Audio In
P2 Mic
P3 Audio Out
P4 MIDI / Joystick
P5 Ultimedia port
P6 Soundblaster (GLGR)
P7 Generic (GLGR)
P9 Generic (RGGL)
P10 Unpopulated CD input
P11 Wavetable header
U1 ESS ES1688F
U2,3 Altera EPROMs 
U4,5 NS LM386
U6 Phillips NE558D

ChipChat Wavetable Daughtercard (New)


P1 Connector to base card
U1 Yamaha OPL YMF 704-S
U2 Yamaha YAC516-E
X1 33.8688 MHz xtal

  There seems to be an older version of this daughtercard. Illustrations show a card as tall as the ChipChat and half as long.

ADF Hack
   An ADF tweak- ChipChat soundcard is set to occupy IRQ7 - which might cause strange effects under Win95 with LPT1. Edit the "fixed resource" IRQ7 to IRQ5 (default setting for LPT2) - and everything will be fine. 

From ChipChat
 To use IRQ-5, you need to make the following modifications: 
a. Change @5150.adf file replacing "int 7" with "int 5" 
            (you must re-configure your system after updating the ADF) 
b. DOS Autoexec.bat, change DOSMIXER statement from "-7" to "-5" 
c. Win31 SYSTEM.INI, change [auddrive.drv] from "int=7" to "int=5" 
d. OS2 Config.sys, change device=ES1688DD.SYS from "/I:7" to "/I:5" 
e. Win95, use device manager to change interrupt from 7 to 5 
f. WinNT, re-install and select interrupt 5 

Generic Setup Values
Sound Address 220 (may interfere with a primary TR adapter)
Interrupt Level 7 (5 supported, I see 2,5,7,and 10 listed in W95 doc)
DMA Arb 1 (maybe 0,1,3 supported)
General MIDI MPU-401 330

ADF Section for 05150h  "ChipChat Sound Card"

ChipChat Sound Card Selection
pos[0]=01010001b   io 0200h-020Fh 0220h-022Fh 0388h-038Bh 0330h-033Fh
           int 7
           arb 1
Disable   pos[0]=01010000b

   Resources are fixed because many software programs assume and require these settings.  Address Range (hex): [200-20F, 220-22F, 388-38B, 330-33F]
DMA Arbitration Level:[1], IRQ Interrupt:[7].

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