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  If you want to help advance the understanding of micro channel in it's many guises, send me copies of documentation, files, and parts. 

Documentation, files or parts
Where can I find ??? on your site?
Trouble with a PS/2?
Image Submissions for the Ardent Tool (Yes, YOU can scan like the pros!)

USN Rapacious Refueling. The world's only nuclear powered attack server.

The eBay PS/2 MCA Rosetta Stone
Microchannel Redemption (how did a clone-box bent youth find salvation?) 
Links (Mirrors, other PS/2 sites, reference, etc) 
   Linux SCSI Driver by Michael Lang
US Patent Office Search Page
Itronix stuff
PS/2 FAQ (oops, I forgot) 

Unsorted File Stash (good things, so-so things)

External SCSI Enclosures
   3510 External SCSI Enclosure 
   3550 Expansion Unit (8551 and TP7x0)

POS Systems "Index" 4683

51xx Series   5140 5155

IBM Multistation Family Pre PS/55

Japanese PS/55 Systems  PS/55 Systems

RT Systems  6152 Stuff (RT, 516x Series)) 

Industrial Systems Types 75xx
   Industrial Computers (75xx series)
   IBM 586 SBC (7563, 7581, 7587, 7588)

Personal System/2 Types 85xx, 95xx
PS/2 Systems (85xx, 95xx systems) 
   P90 Complex Upgrade (Peter Wendt) 
   P90 Complex Technical Considerations

PC Servers Types 86xx
   PC Servers (195/295, 320, 500, 720) 

   7x0T/TE  (700, 710, 730) 252x Series
   700 / 720 and 3550 Docking Stations
   PenPoint OS References (more as I findt it!)

Food of the Gods

Setup, Configuration, and Components
   System Components (memory, floppy, keyboard, errors) 
   Setup and Configuration (Create refdisk, add adfs, system level stuff) 
   Quick 'n Dirty System Programs (Running the Refdisk) 
   Utilities (Loaddskf, Savedskf, Customizer, Teleget, IDMCA, REFSTAMP) 
   CMOS Batteries!!! (By Bob Eager) 
   Reworking the DS1287 RTC (thanks to Peter Wendt!)
   Complex Identification and Refdisk Matrix [tired of hiding it!]
   Complex Sub Model Code Matrix [the Matrix reloaded]
   Complex Complexities [comparison of 90, 95, and 95A planar ADFs]
   MCA Data Transfers [10 / 20 / 40 / 80 / 160 MB/s modes]
   MCA Benefits (Adapter mounting and grounding)

MCA Adapters
   CPU (Upgrades, accelerator cards) 
   Communications (Modem, Multiport, Portmaster) 
   Storage (tape, IDE/ESDI/MFM, CDROM) 
   SCSI (adapters, RAID) 
   Memory Adapters
   Intel Aboveboard MC
   Networking (Nics, cables, stuff)
   Printer (Lasermaster, Optra R+, Scitex) 
   Store Loop
      Store Loop Errors

Reference Material
   PS/2 Books (HMR, HMS in *.boo format) 
   ServerGuide 2.00 Books (*.INF format) 
   PS/2 Reference Manuals (PDF by Peter Wendt)
   PS/2 References that Peter does NOT have
   AIX for PS/2 (version 1.3.x) 
   EPRM  Electronic Pocket Reference Manual 

   Solaris 2.6 on MCA
      Setting Up OS/2 Peer-to-Peer Networking & Coexistence of Warp & NT Machines 
   Interactive Token Ring Troubleshooter (not pretty, but complete) 
   Allen-Bradley 1784-KT2

3com 3500 Corebuilder

DEC VN Switch 900EX

3172 Interconnect Controller

   RS/6000 Stuff (70xx, 72xx Series) 
   RS/6000 Books (mostly PDF, with some BOO) 
   Windows NT IBM Ultimedia Audio Adapter Driver (copy of ryanalswede.com) 
   SSA adapters
7006 Workstation
7009 Compact Server
7011 Powerstation

   5494 (enhanced uselessness?) 
      Twinaxial Adapter/A
   5494 Messages
   5494 Setup

Network Station
   LTSP on NetVista Model 8364 TUS (from Free Geek Michiana


   Reply System Specs
   8525 Powerboard
   8555 Turboboard
   8570 Turboboard
   8580 Powerboard

Tandy 5000MC  (250-6000)

   If you don't see your adapter, send me a note


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