IBM SCSI Controllers
SCSI Adapter /A   (Long and short uncached "Tribble") 
Japanese SCSI/A (what could have been...)
SCSI  w/cache Adapter /A (512K "Spock") 
   SCSI w/cache, single oscillator (Early)
   SCSI w/Cache, dual oscillator (Newer)
   SCSI w/Cache, triple oscillator (Late)
   Block Diagram for SCSI-C w/Cache
SCSI-2 Adapter /A (OEMd Future Domain MCS-700 "Patriot") 
SCSI-2 FW Adapter /A (PS/2 or RS/6000, "Corvette") 
SCSI-2 DFW Adapter /A (PS/2 or RS/6000, "Corvette Turbo")
Fast/Wide Adapter Configurations

SCSIFIX.ZIP Finally! A utility to alter the number of sectors for a SCSI drive and convert them to a 3.94GB drive! Bob Eager, you have answered a prayer! 

IBM SCSI Microcode (from David Beem)
   Many BIN files for burning SCSI BIOSes...

Maximum Drive Size on Type 4 System (Is 250GB too much?)
Fast/Wide Adapter Configurations
Corvette configurations: 
52G9307 Int / Ext 
61G2444 Int / Ext
82G2645 Int / Ext 
Corvette Turbo:
82G2645 Int / 52G9707 Ext 
Enhanced Corvette Turbo
82G2645 Int / 52G9707 Ext 
Planar 9585-K/N
61G2444 Int / 61G2444 Ext 
82G2645 Int / 82G2645 Ext

SCSI Controller chip, "Cutlass"
   I guess that the 52G9307 chip was first, some issues with it, it was then replaced by the [relatively rare?] 61G2444 chip. Production then stayed with the 82G2645 until end of production. Only one Differential Fast/Wide SCSI controller chip has been seen and that is the 52G9707.

P/N     SE/D  Remarks
52G9307 SE    Possible flaw? Not critical, affects certain scanners.
61G2444 SE    Assumed fully functional
82G2645 SE    Assumed fully functional
52G9707 Diff  Assumed fully functional

MCA Bus Controller chip, "Malibu"
All F/W variants use the Malibu 61G2323 MCA interface controller. Some datecode lots are suspect. See HERE

RS/6000 SCSI Adapters
4-1 31G9729 SCSI SE High-Perf. Internal/External I/O Controller
    FRU 51G9425 FC (2828, 2835) Microcode 8d77

4-2 11H2447  SCSI-2 Differential High-Perf. Ext. I/O Controller
    FRU 43G0176 / 11H2447 FC (2420) Microcode 8d77

4-4 11H4779 SCSI-2 SE High Perf. Int /Ext  I/O Controller [PLCC]
    FRU 52G5484 / 52G7509 / 11H4779 FC (2410, 2831) 

4-6 11H7660 Differential SCSI Fast/Wide (Empty PLCC Socket)
    FRU 65G7315 / 11H3599 / 11H7660 FC (2416)

4-7 11H3600 SCSI Fast/Wide (Empty PLCC Socket)
    FRU 52G4034 / 11H3600 FC (2415)

4-C 52G3380 Enh. Diff. SCSI Fast/Wide Adapter (No PLCC socket)
    FRU 52G3380 FC (2412)
     61G3809  "   "
     40H2842 used in 9072 SP systems
     06H7274 "   "

??? 84F8014 Looks like single can Spock? 

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